There are no fixed rules that work in every situation

Hi, I'm Esteban

I'm the CTO and co-founder of, an online platform that aims to be the one-stop-shop for online therapy.

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I'm from Spain, but lived in Belgium for several years and worked as a Fullstack Developer for several software companies spanning different industries such as logistics, digital payments, or health ERPs.

At some point years ago I got tired of the constant loop of bug-fixing and ticket solving for a salary and decided to take a break, then I worked for a year as a Salesperson for a tourist beer shop in Brussels. That time taught me invaluable lessons about communicating & soft skills, and from that moment on my interest in the humane side of technology started to grow.

There is a broad variety of topics and industries that intrigue me, I like to summarize them as "pretty much anything that helps people feel good and better".

Topics can range from any technological advances in (mental) health or behavioral therapy such as Machine Learning, NLP and chatbots, to sports, wellness, and self-care. These topics are often overlooked despite their enormous importance, becoming more evident over the years.

I am also interested and constantly learning about ethical entrepreneurship, marketing, and business.

If you're open to a conversation don't hesitate to reach me at